A memorable historical-botanical path to discover biodiversity. The main collection is dedicated to the Ficus carica species: 600 among Afghan figs, Bosnians, French, Portuguese, Albanians, Israelis and of course Italians and Apulians: this is one of the most important collections in Europe and the Mediterranean basin, for quality and variety.


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Transmitting biodiversity to future generations. Since 1994, the Pomona Gardens have been realizing and supporting this goal in Puglia, in Cisternino, in the Valle d’Itria, the valley of the trulli.

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In the paradise of ancient fruits Preserve, transform, taste. Different experiences to live alone or in groups with experts in the preservation and transformation of fruit from the Pomona Gardens.


The houses of Pomona: Panaché, Vernèa, Dottato. Three varieties of figs, three ways of experiencing the Pomona Gardens.


HOSTEL / ALBERGABICI The hostel, opened in 2019, is designed both for groups and individuals willing to share the experience in community with other travelers in transit. Special formula for lovers of slow mobility: it is inserted in the Albergabici circuit.


FICUS. A new cosmetic line from the Pomona Gardens.


The gardens of Pomona are made to be crossed and to accommodate, throughout the year, small and large events dedicated to children and adults on the themes of permaculture, the environment, cuisine, painting and culture. And among all, in September of each year, the pomological exhibition of Ficus carica is held.


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